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Help - October 1, 2022
Wrath Spec Definition
Find out about the various tank specialization requirements for Warcraft Logs Wotlk
Help - September 27, 2022
Help and FAQ Collection
A categorized list of Warcraft Logs Classic help articles and what they each entail.
News - September 26, 2022
Classic Blog: Wrath Release
A blog post about the WotLK release and changes on Warcraft Logs
News - July 19, 2022
Multiple Report Analysis
Find out how to analyze several hundred pulls from different reports with the new Warcraft Logs Classic' Multiple Report Analysis subscriber feature.
Recent Articles
Help - September 23, 2022
Intro to Scripts

This document introduces developers to the JavaScript API used for script pins and report components.

Help - September 23, 2022
Event Partnerships
Are you hosting a World of Warcraft event? Find out what we at Warcraft Logs Classic can help with.
Help - August 30, 2022
Naxxramas Parsing Rules
A collection of the boss changes and rules for Naxxramas and Tier 7 on Warcraft Logs classic
Help - August 30, 2022
Naxxramas 25 Player Speedrun Rules
Speedrun and trash requirements for Naxxramas 25 Man on Warcraft Logs